The world may be crazy, but here things are nice. This Website is starting to look nice. It's nice that our will be available soon. Three new books are in the pipeline.
One of the new books is something completely different. Many decades ago, Carl Sandberg declared the Midwest needed its own fairytales and then wrote Rootabaga stories. My book-in-progress--The Day of Anxiety and other tales--is a collection of new stories from Rootabaga country, over that way, somewhere west of the Fondue River.
In honor of all those New Year's resolutions you kept, of forgot, or never made, I am sharing one story from The Day of Anxiety: Why Regarts T. Cefrep Resolved Never to Leave the City of Rusted Nutcrackers. You can read it by clicking here. here
Until next time, I'll be getting the first podcast ready and, any day now, having Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smash Word selling our e-books.

Mark Leach