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Only one of our books is currently available, The 19th Century Flora of Dane County, Wisconsin. The others will be available soon.

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Positive Participation with Nature: Ecological Restoration in Wisconsin

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by Mark K. Leach

A hopeful book. Enthusiasm shines through five much different, science-based ecological-restoration projects: an oak savanna, regional wild rice abundance, fish passage under roads, large scale, and grassroots organizing with The Prairie Enthusiasts.

Key words: ecological restoration in Wisconsin, Bill Hogseth, Pleasant Valley Conservancy, Tom Brock, Kathie Brock, Bad River Watershed Association, culverts, fish passage, Michele Wheeler, Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission, wild rice restoration, manoomin, Joe Rose, David Paul, Wisconsin natural areas, Chippewa River, equilibrium theory of island biogeography.

ISBN (Mobi): 978-1-939624-10-9

ISBN (E-Pub): 978-1-939624-06-2

Currently not available.

Harnessing the Power of Logic Models

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Theory of change, planning process for environmental groups, better grant proposals, monitoring program success, Team Leader Training, experiential client-based learning, Great Lakes Forever, Aldo Leopold Foundation, Wisconsin Eco-Apple Project, Whole Measures for Community Food Systems.

by Marian Farrior and Mark K. Leach

Ever wish your group's (or your personal) planning process resulted in more effective change? And proposals that are more likely to be funded? The logic model process helps. Planning experts Farrior and Leach lead the reader through all steps and then provide several examples from the field.

ISBN (Mobi): 978-1-939624-09-3

ISBN (E-Pub): 978-1-939624-08-6

Dower's Prairie through the Seasons

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by Steve Hubner

For over 30 years, Steve has been protecting and restoring several acres of Wisconsin's original prairie. There is no public access to this remarkable project, so Steve invites you to visit via his photographs and commentary.

ISBN (Mobi): 978-1-939624-11-6

ISBN (E-Pub): 978-1-939624-10-9

Currently not available.

The Nineteenth Century Flora of Dane County, Wisconsin

A Twenty-First Century Update to Lellan S. Cheney and Rodney H. True's 1893 Prelimiary Flora of Madison and Vacinity

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Key words: Wisconsin herbaria collections, historical flora, Lellen Cheney, Rodney True, John Thomson, Madison Wisconsin, Wisconsin history.

by Mark K. Leach and Alexandra Zelles

What was the flora of Madison and vicinity prior to and during the first decades of development? This book provides historical information on over one-thousand vascular plants, 200 bryophytes, and nearly 180 lichens.

ISBN (Mobi): 978-1939624-05-5

ISBN (E-Pub): 978-1939624-04-8


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