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Three new books are in the pipeline: a handbook for organizing citizen-action learning groups, a surprisingly timely look at Senator Joe McCarthy's techniques of deception, and a book of Midwestern tales.

Take a peak at our books-in-progress.

Ecotopia or Oblivion: Study Group Handbook

by Mark K. Leach

Mark adopts his most popular course: Ecotopia or Oblivion into a small-group study-action guide. Any one wanting to be more effective at social change--such as saving the planet--would benefit from studying and organizing with a group of similar-thinking people. The course focuses on group process skills as well as big-picture content, which each group may tailor to their interest and need. will feature supplemental information, suggested readings, and a forum for sharing group information. We can help you form a local study-action group.

Available sometime in 2017.


NeoMcCarthyism: Understanding and Countering the Assault on the Earth

[Tentative Title]

by Mark K. Leach

Over fifty years have passed since Joe McCarthy, the Senator from Wisconsin, briefly reveled in the nation's spotlight. He was perhaps the first person to become his own "ism", a synonym for the worst behavior of a public figure. McCarthy invented or adopted many techniques of deception. Much of today's attack on environmentalists is directly out of McCarthy's playbook. There is a big difference. McCarthy improvised alone or with a small staff; today the NeoMcCarthyites have well funded think-tanks, university departments, fake news programs and networks, polling and marketing experts, and many elected officials.

The book's goal is to describe McCarthy's methods of deception in order to better understand and counter the anti-environmental deception that dominates politics today. As many people helped Tailgunner Joe off the national stage, may we also be empowered to return to a national dialogue based on reason and facts.

Available sometime in 2017.

You may also be interested in Mark K. Leach's The Senator Joe McCarthy Achievement Awards, a copyrighted feature of EcotopiaSoon!

Mark K. Leach, author of the forthcoming <em>Day of Anxiety and other stories</em>, resolved not to fall in Lake Superior in the wintertime.

The Day of Anxiety and Other Stories

[Tentative Title]

by Mark K. Leach

Mark K. Leach has been writing Midwestern fairy tails for over ten years. As he readily admits, the stories were inspired by Carl Sandburg's Rootabaga stories. Only, as Mark confesses, "a little more up-to-date. They also make more sense."

The book will be illustrated by a very talented painter who is not named Mark K. Leach.

Available in printed book and e-book sometime in 2017 or whenever the illustrations are ready.

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