Setting up e-book sales with large corporations is taking more time than I had planned. I am eager to move on to more creative activities, but first I have to get things right with those venders. Sorry for the delay.

Welcome to Economo E-Books’ Construction Zone

I am busy climbing up the learning curve of creating a new Website, using unfamiliar tools. I will have the site almost totally functional by the time the first four e-books are ready. They are books I had originally published to be read by Adobe Reader. Many readers requested I make the books available for Kindle, Nook, and other such devices. So that’s what I am having done.

Some of you may know that I used to host a weekly radio broadcast, EcotopiaSoon! I am going to revive that show as a weekly podcast. It will have much the same content, flavor, and special features, but will not feature the fine selection of eclectic music. I can’t deal with ASCAP and BMI broadcasting fees.

I’m also working on three new books. More about those later.

Always the best,
Mark Leach

What is new.

Soon, this site will new features: information about our four e-books, a short story from Mark K. Leach’s upcoming book “The Day of Anxiety”, and the weekly podcast, EcotopiaSoon!