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About the Authors

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Alexandra Zelles Rigsby

Alex has broad interests in natural history and is an environmental scientist at LJB, Inc., Miamisburg, Ohio. She earned her B.S. at Northland College and her M.S. from Wright State University. (Photo taken on Isle Royale. Photo credit: Chad Rigsby)

Her Book

Alex co-authored The Nineteenth Century Flora of Dane County, Wisconsin with Mark Leach. Mark says, "The herbaria research for this book could have been extremely dull, but Alex was excited. She was a pleasure to work with. Her love is deep for nature and for the science that helps us understand it."

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Steve Hubner

Steve began his conservation career as a Peace Corp volunteer in Cameroon, specializing in fish production. He served Lafayette County, Wisconsin as the zoning officer for many years. Steve, as he explains it, was bitten by the prairie bug, and has worked tireless for over thirty years, identifying, protecting, and restoring the last remaining patches of original prairie and oak savanna.

His Book

Steve knew about this prairie remnant in the back pasture of the Dower's dairy farm. He rented a portion, fenced it, cut brush, killed weeds, and burned it. There is no public access to the prairie, and so Steve created this book so you could see for yourself the remarkable beauty and complexity of this deep soil prairie.

Mark Leach says, "I've written in The Vanishing Present about Steve's important discovery and restoration of what he named Dower's Prairie. You might enjoy that book. Learn more."


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Soon You Can Buy Her Book at These Stores (Currently unavailable.)

Marian Farrior

Marian is an environmental educator of the highest order. She teaches and trains educators, naturalists, farmers, ecological restorationists, planners, and doers. While at the Biodiveristy Project, she and her collaborators orchestrated regional campaigns on water issues. Her skill, knowledge, and attitude for helping groups develop their best plans is inspiring.

Her Book

With co-author Mark Leach, Marian shows step-by-step how to harness the power of logic models. This is a powerful, flexible process to generate better plans--plans that are more likely to achieve desired results. The process allows for building-in progress checks and corrections. Importantly, the logic model approach produces clearer, more-likely-to-be-funded grant proposals.

Logic models: they make sense.


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Mark K. Leach, PhD

Mark is an ecologist, private environmental consultant, public speaker, and performer. He strives to multiply his effectiveness by helping others become more effective, by helping them find the knowledge, learn the skills, and release the passions to leave the world a better place. He formerly was director of the Sigurd Olsen Environmental Institute, Bro Professor of Regional Sustainable Development (both at Northland College), Ecologist for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum, among others. He has numerous scientific publications centering on the ecology of plant communities. He founded Economo E-Books in 2013.

His Books

Mark displays various aspects of his interests in his three books:

In Positive Participation with Nature, he lauds others efforts to show us how Nature can be mended. Of course, he carefully shares knowledge on the underlying science.

Harnessing the Power of Logic Models is his successful effort to share with the environmental community how to be better planners (with Marian Farrior).

The Nineteenth Century Flora of Dane County, Wisconsin is his most nerdly effort. Co-author Alexandra Zelles and Mark examined thousands of herbarium records, because they hope you are as interested in knowing your botanical heritage as they are.

Other Recommended Books

Mark has a chapter on prairie in The Vanishing Present: Wisconsin's Changing Land, Water, and Wildlife, edited by Donald Waller and Thomas Rooney, published by University of Chicago Press. You can purchase a new or used copy (hard cover or paperback) from our partnering used bookstores. Clicking the title  The Vanishing Present will take you to