Construction continues. I've been rebuilding this Website to include many new features to help us all become more effective and happier environmentalists. Soon I will welcome you to Mark K. Leach’s site for e-books, book recommendations, EcotopiaSoon! podcasts, and more, so we can multiple each other’s effectiveness.

The Economo E-Book logo is an elephant viewing itself in a mirror. This represents self-awareness, intelligence, and empathy; traits we need to improve if we are to get our leaky canoe to the safe shore of Ecotopia.

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The world may be crazy, but here things are nice. This Website is starting to look nice. It’s nice that our will be available soon. Three new books are in the pipeline. One of the new books is something completely different. Many decades ago, Carl Sandberg declared the Midwest needed its own fairytales and then […]

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Our Philosophy

Who does the earth belong to? It belongs to the children and to all the children who will be born in the future. Trashing what belongs to them is wrong.

By myself, I could do  little to heal this wounded earth. When we empower each other, we can do amazing things.

As a ecologist, I have learned to look beyond the obvious, to seek the underlying systems and processes that shape and constrain our world. My "big picture" perspective is, I expect, something that many of you will value. I also am a bit of a smartass. I also expect, in these dark and perilous times, that a little humor will help get through the current difficulties.

I do want to learn from you. As this Website develops, there will be ways for you to contribute knowledge, skills, and views.

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